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Estate Planning

Planning for your families future - Estate Planning

Estate Planning

A good estate plan is essential to ensuring your wishes are carried out after you pass away, or if you are no longer able to make your own decisions. With proper planning your Estate should be distributed so that your wishes are met and your family taken care of with minimal taxes and expenses incurred.

It’s a common misconception that if you’ve created an unofficial will – written down your wishes on a general document - it will be upheld. This is not the case. Your wishes will only be sustained with official documentation.

If you have a Family Trust or Assets to be distributed, it is important to know that these items are not covered in your will. Thus, working with a financial advisor is essential to ensuring that all of your Estate is accounted for and your wishes legally upheld through the right documentation. With the right planning, you can ensure your Family Trust or business continues working after you can no longer manage it.

Likewise, by developing an Estate Plan now you can direct how you are to be taken care of, medically and financially, should your health deteriorate and you are no longer able to make decision.

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