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SME Business Planning

SME Business Planning


Running a business of your own can be highly rewarding and is often what many people rely on as their nest egg for later life. That’s why it’s important to ensure your number one asset is protected. Small businesses have many nuances which need to be considered and the incorrect protection can lead to devastating losses.

Appropriate planning to ensure you know what the result will be if your business partner/s pass away, become unable to continue working or just decide it’s time to move on is key to sustaining a long term, successful business.

Similarly, ensuring you have agreements in place to nominate who your beneficiaries are and how your business should continue to function should the unexpected happen is important to ensuring the continuity of your business as you see fit. This also means that family members or other owners are clear on what should occur.

Strategic Point is a specialist in small business planning and can assist you with all of the above plus:

  • Buy/Sell agreements
  • Key person cover
  • Revenue and capital key person cover
  • Corporate superannuation plans
  • Business overheads insurance
  • Business succession planning

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