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Planning for retirement - Superannuation


Retirement is the end of our working lives – a time to kick back, travel, spend time with family and focus on our hobbies and interests. Developing a strong financial strategy for retirement is essential to ensuring the ease of this final transition.

Under new laws introduced by Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey in May 2014, those born after 1965 will not be eligible to receive their pension until age 70. The retirement age is set to increase by 6 months every two years until 2035 gradually forcing Australians to work for longer.

Investing your super wisely now will give you the financial freedom to choose when to stop working and help you make the most of that time when it comes.

Whether starting a self-managed super fund or deciding on how to use your super once it is available to you, strategic point will work with you to set and follow an investment strategy that best fits your retirement needs.

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