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Under 30s

Getting ahead – Planning for Under 30s

Under 30's

Your twenties are a time for branching out, travelling, taking risks, developing skills and trying to keep down a job so making a plan for retirement now can not only seem pretty far off but also pretty impossible to reach. Yet taking small steps now can contribute significantly to creating a strong foundation for your financial future and give you the freedom to make the most of your younger years.

Ever felt as though you wanted to retire early?

Strategic Point Planning will help you to establish both your long and short-term goals and establish a plan to reach them without having to sacrifice your social life.

There are numerous ways Under 30s can work their way to financial freedom before the responsibilities of family, career and a mortgage set in. Whether it’s making tax-deductible contributions to your HECS debt or Super, establishing a savings plan or starting to invest, Strategic Point Planning will help set you on the path to financial independence.

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